Purity Vodka (750ml)

Purity Vodka (750ml)

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Purity Vodka is the result of a long lasting quest to redefine vodka, bringing character to a spirit which by tradition is more one of image and style rather than substance.

A Whopping 34 distillations!

Daring to stand out from the crowded cluster of neutral, mainstream vodkas, Purity Vodka has not been made to please everyone. It is full-bodied, complex and loaded with character yet, smooth and sophisticated.


Combining heritage and innovation, Purity Vodka comes to life in a proprietary pot still at the Purity Vodka Distillery at Ellinge Castle in the south of Sweden. Purity Vodka has developed a unique still system specifically for vodka production. During the thirty-four distillations, ninety percent of the liquid is lost. The remaining spirit is so refined that no filtration is necessary, leaving all the natural flavours and character in the vodka. Because taste does matter.


Purity Vodka is the most award winning Ultra-Premium Vodka in the world with repeated success in leading spirit competitions worldwide, including:

  • The International Wine & Spirit Competition
  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition
  • The Travel Retail Masters
  • The Destillata Awards
  • The Vodka Masters
  • The Sommelier’s Trophy
  • Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition
  • MicroLiquorAwards
  • The Grand Spirits Masters
  • The Asian Spirits Masters