Lean Low Calorie Naturally Infused Vanilla Vodka (750ml)

Lean Low Calorie Naturally Infused Vanilla Vodka (750ml)

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Lean differentiates itself by being the first low calorie ultra premium vodka infused with ginseng, guarana and green tea extract. With the sophisticated and health conscious drinker in mind, Lean delivers something sensational and new.

Lean Vodka is an ultra premium, naturally infused, low calorie Vodka. Created from the purest spring water and finest quality grains, Lean is the epitome of perfection.

With the smooth finish of the regular vodka to the subtle aroma and taste of the flavored vodkas, it is hard to believe it is only 50 calories per ounce.

The Lean Low Calorie Vodka line includes regular vodka along with two flavors, vanilla and yumberry.

All flavors can be consumed neat, keeping the calories low without the addition of the unhealthy mixers.

Lean Vanilla Mint Low Calorie Martini

1 Part Lean Vanilla Vodka
1 Part Club Soda
3 Mint Leaves

In a shaker, muddle the mint and add ice.
Add the remaining ingredients and stir well.
Strain into a chilled martini glass.
Garnish with a mint leaf.