Larceny Small Batch Bourbon 750ml.

Larceny Small Batch Bourbon 750ml.

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Soft with an array of summer fruits: orange, apricot, and peach combined with a sweet sugarcane note. Light cinnamon also comes into play. The scents are inviting but not rich in delivery.


A delicate cinnamon spice pops at first, with baking spices and nutmeg in tow. Honey sweetness contrasts the spice notes. The mouthfeel is on the thinner side, but not so much it detracts from the experience. Despite the presence of some spice notes, the sip is quite tame, approachable, and enjoyable overall.


Cinnamon and honey carry over into the finish, and are joined by a sweet maple sugar note. Warming and medium in length, it caps the sip off nicely, maintaining the overall balance presented by this bourbon.