Knob Creek 100 proof 750ml

Knob Creek 100 proof 750ml

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Appearance: Medium amber with an inviting viscosity on the glass

Nose: The most prominent scent upon the first smell was brown sugar. There is also the note of vanilla and fall spices that accompany the initial aroma.

Palate: Baking spices such as clove, nutmeg, black pepper, and brown sugar. Hint of vanilla without being cloyingly sweet. Gentle flavor of oak wraps around the other flavors as they are delivered to your pallet. Reminiscent of the dark outer crust from grandma’s banana bread with just a dash of cinnamon. Roasted apples chase the rest of the flavors down to provide a soft fruitiness.

There is a gentle heat that accompanies the drink, but it is not biting and does not linger longer than is appreciated.. Over ice, the bourbon takes on the character of spiced cider with a bit less heat than straight, further notes of clove, cinnamon, and orange peel dance around the apple character