Don Julio Anejo 70 Claro Tequila (750ml)


In Honor of Tequila Don Julio's 70th anniversary, the company released Don Julio Anejo 70 Claro, an innovative new aged tequila. The clear, colorless tequila has been aged in oak, then filtered through a proprietary process to remove color and highlight the agave notes of a blanco.
The tequila is aged for 18 months in used American oak, as with Don Julio's regular anejo, then filtered. Removing oak coloring and heavy notes is a process innovators like London's Tony Conigliaro and the French Culinary Institute's Dave Arnold have been toying with over the past couple of years to create unusual, experimental spirits like "vodksy" (an aged whisky with all the flavor and none of the color) and "whiska" (a vodka infused with aged oak flavoring and coloring), but this is the first time a similar process has been applied to a commercial aged spirit.
Anejo Claro "has a smooth and light character, opening with the citrus notes of a Blanco, yet exhibiting vanilla, honey and sweet toasted oak found in an anejo," according to master distiller Enrique de Colsa.