Broken Barrel Whiskey Mizunara 750ml

Broken Barrel Whiskey Mizunara 750ml

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The nose is light and slightly smoky. Slight alcohol is accompanied by notes of corn and oak. After some time in the glass, the spirit begins to smell like cinnamon toast crunch cereal. Walnut and toffee notes also shine through.


The first sip is thin. A small burst of heat initially appears and quickly fades to oak spice and sweet corn. The flavors seem to concentrate on the underside of the tongue. The second sip is effervescent and spicy. Oak, black pepper, and corn continue to coat the palate. The third this is similar to the second sip with the addition of a slight cinnamon note.


The finish is medium and spicy. The spirit flows the mid-palate and settles in the chest. Oak, cinnamon, corn, and a slight bitterness are present.