Basil Hayden Toast 8 proof 750 ml

Basil Hayden Toast 8 proof 750 ml

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A slathering of baking and campfire related scents are immediately gripping. Light brown sugar, caramel toffee, buttered toast, a touch of cinnamon, and light smoke all pair excellently and form a coherent aroma. Light but never fleeting, the nose is enjoyable. What it may lack in depth, it makes up for with gentle warmth and overall pleasantness.


Fine notes of toffee, butterscotch, sweet bread, and a touch of almond create a likeable first sip. Like the nose, the flavors work well together, creating a flavor profile that is cohesive. It’s an even-keeled flavor profile that doesn’t try to challenge you, and instead is a relaxed sip with adequate flavor.