Art of Earth Organic Pinot Grgio, Italy, 2015 (750ml)

Art of Earth Organic Pinot Grgio, Italy, 2015 (750ml)

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Winemaker's Notes:
For centuries man has taken naturally grown grapes from the rich and fertile soils and created wines in natural ways handed down over generations. Today Art of Earth wines are still created in the same way – from carefully selected organic grapes, harvested in traditional ways and then turned into organic wines with centuries-old natural winemaking methods.

The love and passion with which this is done, produces unique, gentle wines bursting with natural flavors – true pieces of art from mother earth.

The range compiles of selected organic wines from all over the world – a Pinot Grigio, Prosecco and a Montepulciano from Italy. A German Riesling, a spanish Tempranillo and a French Rosé. All are unique in their own right - pieces of art, extracted from the earth in which the vines grow. Which explains the name Art of Earth.

Keeping it natural in the vineyard and the cellar extracts the best from nature in a respectful, sustainable way. But, that’s not where the story ends – even the packaging is eco-friendly. The light-weight glass bottle with screw cap is recyclable and cork tree-friendly.

Tasting Notes:
Crisp and fruity notes of green apple and pear. A well-balanced acidity with a delightful and crisp finish.