Skinnygirl Sangria (750ml)


How'd we know what a big hit Sangria would be with Skinnygirl Cocktail fans? They picked it! Chosen by vote on Facebook, our Sangria-in true Skinnygirl Cocktails fashion is refreshing and delicious, low in calories (just 132 per 5 oz serving!) and is made with natural flavors. And it uses white grapes, so it’s clear in color... meaning you get to worry less about spills and stains.

Skinnygirl Cocktails was created by Bethenny Frankel, a renowned natural foods chef, mixologist, New York Times Bestselling Author, and star of Bethenny Ever After. When she found out just how high in calories restaurant margaritas were, she saw an incredible opportunity: give women a low-calorie version of the cocktail that didn't sacrifice fresh, delicious taste.

Ready to Serve!