Palm Ridge Reserve Micro Batch Florida Whiskey (750ml)


A very smooth whiskey with a more intense flavor profile similar to a single malt. Bottled at 90 Proof. Distilled from a mash of four grains: Corn, Barley, Malt, Rye and toasted flaked Rye.

Distilled in a 60 Gallon reflux-column copper still that takes 10-11 hours to produce approximately 5 gallons of premium whiskey. Palm Ridge Reserve is put up in small 5 gallon charred oak barrels that round out and mature the whiskey very quickly - less than 1 Year.

Florida Farm Distillers is a micro-distillery located on a small cattle farm near Umatilla, Florida. Owners Marti and Dick Waters believe that their personal and detailed attention makes Palm Ridge Reserve stand out from other mass produced liquors. The boutique operation produces a 90 proof, young Florida Bourbon-style whiskey. This limited quantity, select whiskey (only 500 cases per year), is non-chill filtered, mellowed with toasted orange and oak woods, and left to finish in small charred oak barrels.

Truly Distinctive!