Carta Vieja Gold Rum (750ml)


With 4 years of aging, is our letter of presentation in the blond rums, as it provides an incomparable touch of class to all cocktails and mixes.

Carta Vieja Claro is the fruit of mixing ripe and aromatic rums with extra light alcohols from sugar cane, aged in barrels and barrels of American white oak, obtaining an ideal balance for the liquid that will be bottled.

APPEARANCE: Carta Vieja Claro has a nice pale yellow color and is bright, clear and dense, revealing its age.

AROMA: It has an intense aroma with vanilla accents, tropical fruits, caramelized sugar, dried fruits and notes of toasted oak.

TASTE: A very pleasant palate, with notes of smoke, vanilla and chocolate.

CONSUMPTION: Carta Vieja Claro is the ideal ingredient of all Premium cocktails, such as Cuba Libre, Daiquirí and Mojito, providing a touch of prestige and refinement. It is slightly woody and the good rum drinkers can also take it alone, with ice or mixed with black glue, ginger ale, tonic soda or carbonated water.